My name is Jacki Prince and I am the founder and Designer of Coolibah Clothing Australia and I would like to share the story with you of how Coolibah came to be.

I started off as a little party plan business in 2003 but not with my own label. I had purchased some kids clothes from Bali and put together a little team of people and off I went. 

It wasn't long before I started to develop an itch for designing my own and so I started the difficult task of figuring out how to make that happen when I had never done anything like this before. This was a massive gamble!

Coolibah Clothing Australia Dress Sketch

I invested what little money I had, found people to print my fabric and make my samples, and they actually looked fantastic. It was time to approach a few boutiques to see how my designs were received. To my absolute delight, I actually acquired a few orders and I was SO excited. 

Whilst the orders were small, it was a start. I went into production to deliver the orders a few months later in time for the season. When the dresses arrived and I unpacked them, there were so many problems that I could only deliver a small portion of the orders. I was devastated!  

I felt like giving up and not throwing one more cent into what seemed to be problem after problem. But.....something propelled me forward. With a mad determination and some much needed lessons learned, I decided to start again. I was thinking that I must be crazy!

I had a head full of ideas that were keeping me up at night, but it was clear to me that without the right people to work with me, I couldn't move forward.

If I was going to do this, I had to do it right and deliver the best product I could possibly deliver and I wasn"t going to settle until I found those people. And found them I did..... thanks to my incredible friendship and working relationship with my right hand 'woman' on the ground in Bali. 

We worked unbelievably hard and ridiculously long hours and Coolibah ended up being stocked in over 85 selected Boutiques across Australia and New Zealand for 12 years , producing absolutely beautiful collections of the highest quality in our original prints, and made from A grade cottons and rayons.

It is something that I am so very proud of and still at times pinch myself that I achieved what I achieved. The wind was knocked out of me so many times in the first few years, but I just kept getting back up and learning from every lesson that every disaster taught me,  and Coolibah wouldn't be what it is if those early days were easy.

Then sadly I lost my Mum, my marriage broke down while pregnant with my second child, and then my beautiful Father fell ill with Dementia. I made the sad decision to close my doors to care for him and concentrate on my 2 beautiful girls.

But that fire in my belly never really went away and with the support and encouragement of some very special people in my life,  I have decided to RE-LAUNCH Coolibah. Yayyy !!!

The passion I feel for this still drives me and excites me but launching again in a pandemic and in the crazy world of social media ?  I am thinking to myself again.... that I must be crazy haha.

But I LOVE Coolibah, I LOVE the creativity, I LOVE seeing my ideas that were once in my head come to fruition, I LOVE how so many people have enjoyed my creations over the years and I LOVE  the jobs that my business creates for some beautiful people and their families in Bali who need the income more than ever. And now I look forward to my new customers loving it and enjoying it as much as I love creating it for you.

I design Coolibah to stand out and to be unique !!!

I think we have been so swamped over the years with the bland mass produced clothing that you find in every chain store and in every shopping centre around Australia and not only is that actually sad, it's boring and it's seen on every Tom, Dick and Harriot everywhere you go. 

Coolibah will always be produced as limited editions! It is affordable, It WON'T be seen on every other child, your daughter WILL stand out and she WILL look as unique as she is. This is the core feeling of Coolibah and I can assure you it is never going to change! 

Welcome to Coolibah Clothing Australia!

Best Wishes, 

Jacki Prince :) 

Founder, Coolibah Clothing

Jacki Prince, Coolibah Clothing Australia